Turkish Aluminium Coil Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish aluminium coil, Turkey aluminium coil manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality aluminium coil from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

NK STEEL        Türkiye     Tansel DEMİR    
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MANAKSIA LIMITED        Hindistan     Sagar Chowrasia    
s aluminium alloy ingot, aluminium coil, aluminium sheets, cold rolled steel sheets in coil, galvanised steel coil, galvanised steel sheets, metal packaging
ZOUPING TAIXING INDUSTRY        Chad     jian liu    
s aluminium wire rod, aluminium coil, aluminium foil
TARHAN GROUP        Türkiye     Doğukan Tarhan    
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SINOMETAL GROUP        Çin     tony lu    
s alumiminium sheet, aluminium coil, aluminium circle, aluminium disc
cnbm        Çin     angela yu    
s aluminium sheet, aluminium foil, serrated blade, aluminium, aluminium coil
s aluminium sheet, aluminium plate, aluminium foil, aluminium raw material, aluminum product